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Want to made NEW?

Did something on this website make you feel something? Something you have never felt before? That feeling is God's love for you and He wants to show you more and make you feel like this everyday. If you don't know of God's love please watch the video below: 


Now, if you feel that you want to let God into your heart and let Him change you into a new creation (2 Corinthians 5v17). All you have to do is speak it into existence (Proverbs 18v21) Ask Jesus to come into your life and make you new. Confess that you are not perfect that you have done wrong but you are ready to live the right way and walk with Him. For, He is the only one who can give you eternal life because He is the creator of everything. 

Next, you want to take the next step and Join a church. Make sure you join one with which you feel welcome at, if people aren't greeting you and making you feel like part of the family you will probably not be there for very long. This is called fellowship, because God wants you to mingle with other Christians. Join a small group or bible study in your church home and go to church events. Get involved! It is very important! You need to surround yourself around other Christians. Living a Christian life is not easy and you need support from people who are going through the same thing. There are going to be times you want to give up. There are a lot of people who go into this lifestyle thinking it’s all breezy n eazy but it isn’t. We go through challenging things every day and it effects out lives more because Satan doesn’t want to lose you. He wants you to stay your habit having, angry, scared self forever. DON’T LET HIM WIN! You are a child of God now and God will always bring you through your situation.

Keep God with you on a daily basis, He is your father. Now, whether you have a good or bad relationship with your earthly father you want to think about how you would want your perfect relationship with them to be. God put that in your heart, He wants to bond with you and know how you are doing and talk to you every day.  You can literally speak to God no matter where you are or what you are doing you can talk to Him. He hears you, believe me! Keep Him with you on a daily basis. (if you need some suggestions on how you can do that you can click here and watch my video on how to keep Him with you all day.) You know those phone calls you get from your dad once in a while or every day and you two just talk about your day. Well, God wants one on one time with you too, so just sit somewhere quiet and meditate on Him, thank Him for everything He has done for you. Do this daily just a few minutes of your day and it will make you feel closer than ever to your Lord, and Savior.

Keep reading your bible, not just spiritual books, but your bible. If you get a devotional or go to a bible study keep up with it. It is your food, as a new Christian (even an old Christian) you need fuel to make it through you temporary life here on earth so keep reading your bible just a little every day. Maybe a verse or two or a chapter, (ya know some chapters aren't very long and only take a few minutes.) Reflect on them and if you do this is the morning you have all day to reflect on what you read. 

Remember, that you are now a new creation and what you did in your past life is forgiven, know that if you are sincerely asking for forgiveness that God will forgive you. He knows what is in your heart and you must try your hardest to live the way Jesus' lived. IT CAN BE DONE! It is called the Holy Spirit and we all have it. It is a gift God gave us. We are human and we are NOT by any means perfect but God loves us and wants us to have the desires of our hearts. If you mess up, which we all do, don't think that God doesn't love you. Ask for forgiveness, forgive yourself and anyone else involved and move forward. I know it is hard I have messed up many times but my God is a forgiving and just God, He loves me and if I am obedient to Him He will never forsake me. Give Him Glory He Deserves It! He has given you so much!

Thank you for your time and I will be praying for you!

Sabrina Lee